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for commercials and brand promotion | game development | animated feature films and TV series
About our company
Lastoon is the digital art & animation studio with big love to our business.

We have been working in the computer graphics industry for a long time, but there are some things in which we have succeeded especially well:

We strive for ensuring that these three properties are always balanced in our work: CREATIVITY | QUALITY | BUDGET.

Our services
  • Character development
    3D characters. 2D characters. Mascots.
    Full development of all kinds of characters, ranging from the Bible character to Animation.
  • Animation production
    3D animation. 2D animation. Stop motion animation.
    Animated videos, short animation films and series, music videos production.
  • IP development
    Storytelling. Project development.
    Writing all kinds of animation scenarios.
    Full development of animated projects: from Pitch Bible to Trailer.
  • Outsource services
    Character and environment concept art. Animation.
    Providing support at each stage of the art development process: from Sketches to Final visualization.
Animation production
Do you need a high-quality animated product?
Clients and partners
Why us
  • Passion for work
    We do our work with love and passion, that's why our products are high-quality and creative.
  • Customer-oriented approach
    We usually work with a small number of clients that's why we pay the great attention to each of our customers.
  • Goal orientation
    We work on a project in a way that ensures it is grounded from marketing and commercial points of view and has brought you the desired result.
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